New Onward poster released alongside the official trailer.

The new Onward trailer is here!

Sorry if this feels rude, but do you know exactly when you'll upload your Toy Story 3 project to YouTube? We haven't gotten an update since the delay announcement three weeks ago. I just wanted to know if things are going okay in terms of its status.

Things are okay, thanks for asking. Running a little behind schedule. I pushed myself pretty hard and came down with bronchitis. All I want to say now is that it’s coming soon. It’s coming. It’s coming.

International Onward Poster Revealed:

A quick Woody’s Round Up of Pixar news to catch us all up before Toy Story 4’s home release next month.

This Chinese Onward poster is beautiful. Definitely something worth framing.

Pixar sneak peeks at D23:

Catch up on all the Pixar D23 news here! Some more Onward information, our first look at Pete Docter’s next film – Soul – and details on Forky Asks A Question. 

Toy Story 4 Becomes 4th Pixar Movie To Surpass $1 Billion

Sorry if you've been asked this before; but what's your Woody doll? I see you can change his expressions and I really like that! Thank you, and I love your pictures!

Medicom’s “Ultimate Woody” Figure.

Forky spotted a friend on the road! He calls him T. R. Ash. 😆 Forky is a fantastic character in #ToyStory4. Such a fresh and creative addition to the franchise. I can’t wait to see the Forky Asks a Question series on Disney+!

♫ You came along, changed my life, fixed what was broken in me. ♫

The Ending Of Toy Story 4: What Just Happened?:

“Okay, I’ll admit it: I didn’t cry at the end of Toy Story 4.

Explore the ending of Toy Story 4 with us in our latest post! Major spoilers ahead for those of you who are yet to see it.