Your first look at Auntie Edna!

Your first look at Auntie Edna!:

Have a look at the newly released clips of the Incredibles 2 short Auntie Edna!

“Saying that animated movies are for children …

“Saying that animated movies are for children is just as ludicrous as saying that movies in general are for children. This statement isn’t wrong exactly – there are movies, and animated movies, made with children in mind – but it’s failing to take into account the impressive variety of films that have been created through animation.”

“Many people think we need more R rated animated films in the vein of Anomalisa and Sausage Party. What we need is more respect for this medium and the artists who work tirelessly to bring these stories to life.”

The Kids Only Table, Upcoming Pixar

Auntie Edna short to be included on Incredible…

Auntie Edna short to be included on Incredibles 2 DVD!:

A new Pixar short has been announced – Auntie Edna! Now we can finally discover what transpired the evening Edna was asked to look after Jack-Jack…

Read more about the short in our article, and discover what other special features will be available on the Incredibles 2 in-home release.


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Hey guys! My name is Cody, I'm an animato…

Hey guys! My name is Cody, I'm an animator at Pixar. Awesome to see how passionate you both are about Toy Story! I wanted to extend an invitation to you, that if you're ever in California, I'd be more than happy to host you both for a tour of the studio. You might find it especially interesting while we're working on Toy Story 4 this winter. Let me know! Cheers

Hi, Cody! It’s so awesome to be speaking with you. Truly admire everything you and the other Pixar animators do. So so good. Hey, at the end of October my brother and I will be visiting our parents down there. Would we be able to arrange something for then? Thank you so much.

(Why) my brother and I made a real life Andy’s…

I’m sure many of you are familiar with my brother and I’s recreation of Andy’s room. No, it wasn’t a kids room or glorified display piece. The room was created as a set for a shot-for-shot remake of Toy Story 3. 


My brother and I have been working on this project since around 2012. It’s been an incredible and gratifying learning experience, as we hope to have a career in media production in the near future. I recently graduated with a major in Digital Media and he is currently pursuing the same.


This project has been an incredible undertaking, and we’ve made the decision to have this complete by 2019. Please feel free to take a look at the trailer:

Opening a new computer is too much excitement …

Opening a new computer is too much excitement !!
More toy pictures on IG –

See, this is why I keep you around, Woodster. …

See, this is why I keep you around, Woodster. I don’t know a snake-in-boot remover half as good as you.

Incredibles 2 – Digital And Blu-Ray Release Da…

Incredibles 2 – Digital And Blu-Ray Release Dates Revealed:

Incredibles 2 will be available for digital download on October 23rd and Blu-Ray on November 6th.

The kids only table

The kids only table:

The Upcoming Pixar writers discuss the ‘animation is for children’ misconception. 

“What I don’t understand is why do people have to feel ashamed for liking an animated movie, even when it’s slightly more mature and has adult themes? Why does going to the cinema alone, without children, to watch an animated film make people so uncomfortable? Why do people still make excuses as to why they felt emotional during a certain scene in a cartoon? Why can’t people just accept animation for what it is: a medium for ALL, and not inclusive to just children? Can’t we all still have a little bit of fun in our adult lives? What happened to all the whimsicality in our hearts? Yes, we’re all adults, but we were also children once.”