Meet Hector, The Skeleton With A Big Heart

Meet Hector, The Skeleton With A Big Heart:

New details have been revealed about Hector, a supporting character in Coco, and about the themes of the movie as a whole. 

“What’s so fantastic about this movie is that it really taps into interesting critical points of our understanding of our existence as a collective, and one of them is the family aspect. In general, the family conversation has become incredibly fluid. It can turn into different shapes and forms, and we’re trying to talk about and establish new ways of how a family can be. At the same time, there is something really, really deep inside of this question that family is the foundation of our society. In a sense, we’re questioning the family as a concept and as an end, and that’s something that is really interesting and pushes the audience’s appreciation about these issues.” 

Gael García Bernal, voice of Hector