I assume that when Lightning had his crash Cal…

I assume that when Lightning had his crash Cal saw and was immediately thrown into a panic attack. If we’re going with the “Cal’s parents died in a crash hc” then that’s 3 loved ones put in dangerous crashes. I’m assuming that Strip and Lynda suspect something when he just gets up and walks away from the TV. Idk, could I request a fic about this please? Thanks

I’ve already read some fic a bit like that, and I didn’t want to step on their territory or accidentally plagiarize, so I started this from a slightly different place, and tried to recreate that strange, strange moment when you’re minding your own business and messing around on the Internet or whatever and suddenly get your world turned upside down by bad news. D:

Cal’s not watching the race. Sure, it’s the last of the season and there’s the usual big to-do, but this is the first season Cal hasn’t finished. For all Cal’s kindness, he’s not going to pretend that doesn’t hurt. Not for the Next-Gens’ sakes. Especially since it doesn’t matter who wins this race. Storm’s pretty much locked in; he doesn’t race risky enough to blow anything now, and no one but Lightning has enough starts to even touch him. And Cal respects his friend, but chances are Lightning’s only gonna touch air. Lightning could win this race and not put a dent in Storm’s points lead. Cal doesn’t need to see that.

So he repaints his uncle’s fence. He organizes the toolshed. He goes to the store and buys a box of filters. He thinks about making holiday plans for Champions Week, somewhere far away and utterly indifferent to the Piston Cup. He hears Belize is supposed to be nice.

He’s reading an Uproxx article about the “Top 5 Roadside Pullouts to Witness in Belize” when Lightning’s name pops up in the Unrelated Articles sidebar, next to the word “Devastating.”

Cal assumes that means Storm won.

Wear good shocks. Even major highways in Belize are rugged, though its natives make a sport of taking curves fast, he reads. Belize has the world’s largest population of Jaguars.

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