Gooooood morning everyone!!!! Happy New Years to all! I was going to make a better announcement for this buuuut

@igntrboy , @bisexualmcqueen , and I have created a Cars server for all you fans! We worked super hard on this and hope that you enjoy yer stay! Feel free to join if you wish!

We won’t be deleting the server either! We are responsible admins and wish for all the fans to get together in one spot and have a good old time! Let us know if you have any issues and we will get to you as soon as we can! See yall there!!!!

CARS FANDOM! We had so much fun making this server perfect for you guys! (Mostly Ellie and Sofia pffff) BUT STILL! Come on over! 😀 this server is catered for everyone in the fandom and we will welcome all of ya with open arms! Or wheels xD

Aaah I was lowkey scared to join, but I did it 😀

oh hello beautiful <3