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Consider this an early (and smutty) Valentine’s Day Special. This is NOT the Valentine’s Day Special TheWyvernsWeaver and I are still working on. It was a spur of the moment inspiration. Enjoy!

Art: TheWyvernsWeaver

Story: Me (My DA will be up in two days, at which point I will start linking to it again)



She whispered it, having trouble catching her breath when his teeth grazed the back of her neck and his paws – those deliciously large paws – gripped her hips firmly to pull her butt up. Adjusting her. The weight of him mounting her forcing her to press her chest into the still cool sheets, to turn her face to the side so quickening breaths could soak in the masculine musk of him. A musk that thickened in the air around her, mingling with her own feminine scent as she felt the tip of crimson arousal nestle against the wet mouth of her sex.

He had surprised her. Gone were her plans for a long, hot shower after a hard day on the job. Plans that had changed the moment she had seen him leaning against the wall outside of the apartment with fire in his eyes that she now understood was lust. His murmurs of need had filled her ears and heated her fur as he’d nibbled on her neck. She hadn’t even managed to open the door before dragging half of her uniform off, tossing it carelessly on the floor of the apartment before he had lifted her up by the hips and dragged her into bed. For all of his fun-loving nature, all of his jokes and sarcasm and lighthearted banter, Nick was a predator between the sheets. And she was his happily captured prey.

She found herself using those sheets to muffle her cry when he drove his full length into her, taking her ability to think and replacing it with the intense pleasure of stretching to accept him. It didn’t matter how many times they did this, he always felt so wonderfully huge inside of her. Throbbing and hot and so intense that she almost came just from that single thrust that only ended when his hips smacked into hers. His growl sounded and she was faintly aware of his changing positions slightly. His paws gripping the sheets on either side of her, feet bracing into the mattress, and his teeth latching into the loose skin at the back of her neck. Her eyes wanted to roll back in ecstasy when he withdrew and slammed into her again, making the bed creak in protest once before it slammed into the wall with the second thrust.


This time her voice had strength behind it, passion fueling her for that one gasped word that wasn’t a plea and wasn’t a demand. It was simply a release of her need, a need that he filled as the pace quickened. It didn’t matter if it was over quickly, not this time. She could already feel the burning tingle of pleasure pooling between her legs and the thickening at the base of his length, signaling to them both that there was no point in holding back. The pang of disappointment when he released the back of her neck was short lived when she felt him rise up behind her. The shadow of the fox fell on the stuffed toys that bore witness to their lovemaking just as she bit down on the sheets in front of her hard enough to make her teeth ache. Not that she noticed. Not that she cared when she felt the pulsing arousal of her lover swell inside of her, thickening until she felt that tiny moment of panic she always did. How they fit together was beyond her, and she was beyond caring when the blessed tension of orgasm caused her to seize up under him.

When she could think again, able to feel something more than pleasure and fullness as he joined her climax and pumped her full of his own release, her eyes drifted lazily to his paw as it moved to cover her own. The glint of gold made her smile, warmed her almost as much as the length still slowly pulsing where their bodies joined.

“I thought we were going to dinner,” she muttered, eyes drifting closed as she savored the intimacy of the afterglow.

“We are,” he replied, drawing her against him as he rolled them onto their sides. He angled his muzzle down so his nose could rest between her ears. “I couldn’t wait. I have this incredibly sexy wife who torments me in a tight blue uniform all day.”

“Does this mean we can’t make love again after dinner?” she said, her muzzle turned into a pout that had his teeth flashing in a wide grin. “I really want that.”

“It’s Valentine’s day. And my partner can have whatever she wants.”