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The original mystery twins!

Hope Van Dyne as The Wasp. (click for better quality)

I Love You.

Art by @skeletonsandragdolls

LOOK, original art! I couldn’t decide which i liked better.

Redraw of my first design I created for Lightning at the beginning of this year! Talk about improvement.

Collab with Mar!! I did the sketch/lineart for lightning, and colored sally! Mar did Sally’s sketch/lineart and colored lightning. I had a lot of fun!!! PROUD OF US. @cruztela

‘After a long day of racing’

•3am sketch of Doc and Lightning. CONSISTENT ART STYLE? HAHA, NO. But i’m still a developing artist so i’m not to upset. IF ANYTHING IM HAPPY BECAUSE THIS LIKE, WOW. HOW DID THIS COME FROM MY OWN HANDS. Pose reference from Pinterest because i really need to practice realistic poses. but seriously, look at these goofs. More @whyldkratts designs haha.