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“I really appreciated how Merida didn’t always need to be pretty or dainty or wear fancy dresses and spend her time curtsying to all the men; she wanted to roll around in the mud, dance in the rain, ride on horseback, climb mountains, and shoot arrows. I loved that adventurous side of her and I loved that she didn’t let anyone tame her.“

– Why These Female Pixar Characters Mean So Much To Me, Upcoming Pixar

For the creation of Brave, Pixar teams visited Scotland, sketched castles, and went walking in the highlands. They studied the scenery and foliage and experienced our weather and culture first-hand. The end result? Out of all the American movies I have seen, Brave did the absolute best job at capturing Scotland and its scenery, lighting, colours, people, and accents.

– Brave’s 5th Anniversary and What It Means to a Scottish Person, Upcoming Pixar

Brave’s 5th Anniversary and what it means to a Scottish person:

Brave turns 5 years old today! Here’s some thoughts on Brave from our Scottish co-writer.