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First off, I would like to say; sorry for not posting as much, been having a hard time getting into doing edits. But I should be back soon. And another thing; Thank you so much for 350+ followers, means so much to me xx

The cars fandom is the best fandom, hands down ♡

Was that floating like a Cadillac, or was that stinging like a Beemer?

– The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

Louise Nash 1950’s.

Lou’s design inspired by my friendo @artsyaviator ! PS, this was inspired by some photography I saw online.

I’ve just found out that there’s a Route 66 themed cafe near me, and since having the day off tomorrow, a friend and i are gonna go check it out.

I may or may not take a few die-casts with me; (that being, Sally, Lightning and Mater and Hud). Hopefully i can take a few photos.

Also, i have a snapchat, and i think it will be hella cool, if i had a few of you amazing people on here on there. Username’s Lemonaderamirez (like here). Get ready for pointless photos of my cat and me trying to be cool. 

Redraw of my first design I created for Lightning at the beginning of this year! Talk about improvement.

He just wants his coffee, Em. Drawing these is such a stress reliever, tbh. Pose by @snuffysbox

You can’t tell me Sheriff wouldn’t have this mug. This is a little part of a comic i’m doing later. WIP! @whyldkratts design

I have reached maximum Cars Trash level. I MADE A CARSONA. And i think my car pun name would be Emily Cylindra? The color i chose is one color i look in irl and wear a lot. She’s based off a Toyota Camry 2017 as suggested by @mynamesnotchuck

After A Long Day Of Racing (DIGITALIZED) @whyldkratts Designs.

‘After a long day of racing’

•3am sketch of Doc and Lightning. CONSISTENT ART STYLE? HAHA, NO. But i’m still a developing artist so i’m not to upset. IF ANYTHING IM HAPPY BECAUSE THIS LIKE, WOW. HOW DID THIS COME FROM MY OWN HANDS. Pose reference from Pinterest because i really need to practice realistic poses. but seriously, look at these goofs. More @whyldkratts designs haha.