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International Onward Poster Revealed:

A quick Woody’s Round Up of Pixar news to catch us all up before Toy Story 4’s home release next month.

This Chinese Onward poster is beautiful. Definitely something worth framing.

Backstage Interview with the Coco team – winners of the Best Animated Feature Academy Award

“Would you say that LGBT representation and storylines and characters are something we might see in the future within Pixar films?”
That would be a dream, that would be a hope, and we’re all talking about all kinds of things like that right now. – Darla K Anderson

Coco’s Big Oscar Wins:

“Representation matters enormously, and so does Coco.”

Huge congrats to the entire Pixar Coco team on the Best Animated Feature Oscar win! ¡Felicitaciones!

Coco Day in Los Angeles: undefined

Los Angeles to celebrate ‘Coco Day’ on February 27th: undefined

“Note that Imelda didn’t just find work; she actually started her own business. She also never remarried. In just a few minutes, her strength, resiliency, and independence are firmly established.“

The Matriarchs of Coco and Why They Matter, Upcoming Pixar

So i watched Coco. 

I adore everything about it! Even tho i did try an amazing total of 12 times, story sort of hit a bit close to home x 

gg pixar, making lit movies

Coco deleted scene: Celebrity tour:

Coco will be available on Bluray on February 27th – here’s one of the many deleted scenes and extras that we’re going to be treated to!

Coco takes center stage at the 2018 Annie Awards:

Coco won 11 trophies at last night’s Annie Awards ceremony, including Best Animated Feature, Best Voice Acting (Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel), Best Directing and Best Soundtrack. The full list of Coco’s winning categories are in our article!