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Got back into drawing cars, so obviously; I drew Cruz ♡ and i have made a ko-fi, it was originally made to help fund any cosplay events or equipment, just till I get a job and finish college. But now I’m thinking about; maybe doing commissions, if anyone is interested:
£3 Will be the minimum, until further notice, hope people will continue to support my expensive lifestyle xx ♡

                                              Train like Storm 

These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge.

– 100% making this my phone wallpaper and well as make a few more too, if anyone has requests for phone wallpapers i can get them done x

I’m a fluffy cloud 

– a huge thank you for 250+ followers, i never expected one. I love you all so much xx

                             NEXT GENERATION OF RACERS

Cars 3 credits

– Maters Hat!

Why These Female Pixar Characters Mean So Much To Me:

“Over the years not only has Pixar produced some of the greatest animated films of all time, but they’ve also created some of the strongest and most relatable female characters in the business.”

Cars 3 Credits 

Father and Daughter


hey uhhhh how do you draw a car??? 

i dont know where this came from but,,,, take it

Also there was supposed to be another panel somewhere in the middle but I can’t draw so I just gave up on it

I love this 💛