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Cars collection as of now!

ft newly bought Dinoco Cruz and Fabulous Mcqueen tsum tsums, as well as Rusty and Dusty. ( yes my laptop lockscreen is Cal, pure boii ).

like to add, London has/had a poor collection of car stuff, i looked in the Disney store and in Hamleys. But hey! Got new edits to post over this week x

One thing I never thought I would say:

“Fight me and my money bank McQueen”

As I bought a money bank of lightning and have no regrets, the boii is gonna keep my money safe.

Andddd I’ve started my London trip. Only two days, but that’s all I need. I’ll be taking my Finn Die-cast around with me the entire time. Any photos I take, will either be up later tonight or tomorrow night.

I’ve just found out that there’s a Route 66 themed cafe near me, and since having the day off tomorrow, a friend and i are gonna go check it out.

I may or may not take a few die-casts with me; (that being, Sally, Lightning and Mater and Hud). Hopefully i can take a few photos.

Also, i have a snapchat, and i think it will be hella cool, if i had a few of you amazing people on here on there. Username’s Lemonaderamirez (like here). Get ready for pointless photos of my cat and me trying to be cool. 

I’ve seen a few people taking photos of their die-casts and its really sparked an idea in my head; like i really want to do that to, does anyone have tips on settings for said photos. (Note; i do live in England and have many ways of getting to places). My main goal is taking my Finn and Mater die-cast to London with me, and that’s all the ideas i’ve got. But i will list the die-casts i have.

Lightning McQueen, Sally, Cruz, Mater, Cal, Stormy Boy, Flo, Lewis, Natalie and Finn.