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New Onward posters have been revealed, including these UK ones. We’re just 50 days away from the movie’s release! More posters in our latest post.

Pixar’s got Soul:

Our first look at Pete Docter’s next film: Soul, out June 19 2020.

New Onward poster released alongside the official trailer.

The new Onward trailer is here!

International Onward Poster Revealed:

A quick Woody’s Round Up of Pixar news to catch us all up before Toy Story 4’s home release next month.

This Chinese Onward poster is beautiful. Definitely something worth framing.

Pixar sneak peeks at D23:

Catch up on all the Pixar D23 news here! Some more Onward information, our first look at Pete Docter’s next film – Soul – and details on Forky Asks A Question. 

Toy Story 4 Becomes 4th Pixar Movie To Surpass $1 Billion

Review: The Bittersweet Brilliance of Toy Story 4:

What did you guys think of Toy Story 4? If you haven’t seen it yet (and even if you have!), read our spoiler free review of the movie that defied expectations!

Grab Your New Toy Story 4 Interactive Talking Action Figures This Week!:

“The interactive action figures each have 10 unique expressions when they’re playing alone but when they’re paired with another figure, they unlock special phrases with their new interactive features. The toys are even able to sense when another interactive figure is nearby and they instantly start “talking” to each other, making you believe you’re right in the middle of a Toy Story film.”

Toy Story 4 Is Only 10 Days Away – Catch Up Now On All The Teasers And News:

Catch up on all the Toy Story 4 teasers and news, and get a head-start on spotting some Easter eggs!