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Bao wins the Oscar for Best Animated Short!

Bao wins the Oscar for Best Animated Short!

Domee Shi: Pixar’s Newest Source of Creative Power:

Domee Shi set to direct a feature length movie at Pixar!

Bao-Appetit! – Check Out This Illustrated Bao Recipe From Director Domee Shi

You can find the full recipe, plus ingredients and very very cute illustrations, in our article!

Concept art/visual development for Pixar’s latest short, Bao.

“The style of Bao was inspired by 2D Japanese animation, especially the visual styles of My Neighbors the Yamatas and One Piece. Domee “loved how squishy the characters looked and how pushed their expressions were.”

The Making of Bao: Story, design inspiration, and more! Read on for more behind the scenes facts about this adorable short. 

Spoiler Free Review: Pixar’s Bao Is A Delicious And Heartwarming Treat

First look at Pixar’s new short Bao

Pixar’s first female-directed short ‘Bao’ to play before Incredibles 2:

“An empty-nesting Chinese mom gets another chance at motherhood when one of her dumplings springs to life. But she must come to terms with the bittersweet revelation that nothing stays cute and small forever.”