Category: flying snuggle tackle


He had been gone for three hours. Three. Hours! The sudden and intense feeling of loneliness wasn’t normal for her, not when it had only been three (terrible, heart-wrenching, foxless) hours. But there was nothing interesting to do without him today!
 The sound of the key in the lock and the muttered curses of her fox made her ears perk and her heart quicken. She felt just a little insane when she hopped down from the couch and head to the door.
  “You wouldn’t believe the traffic,” he was saying, not paying attention as he set the precariously balanced and heavier bag of groceries on the floor. “And I think that buck at checkout was wondering why I smell like bunny… Sweet cheese and…! Omph!”
  She didn’t mind when the contents of the smaller bag spilled out everywhere when she tackled the startled fox to the ground. An apple rolled away, unnoticed as she burrowed into his chest, breathing his foxy scent. Of course, it didn’t take him long to wrap his arms around her, chuckling as he squeezed her close.
  It wasn’t the first time she’d tackled him at the door, after all.

Written by the legendary @kulkum

Art by @alpicture