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Incredibles 2 Receives 2 Annie Awards:

Congratulations to the #Incredibles2 team on the two Annie Awards! 💥

Incredibles 2 Receives 2 Annie Awards:

Congratulations to the #Incredibles2 team on the two Annie Awards! 💥

Oscar Nominations for Bao and Incredibles 2:

Incredibles 2 and Bao have been nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short! 🎉

Brad Bird talks about Pixar’s bright future and more:

“As long as I’ve been at Pixar, Pixar has been changing. […] It’s never really been exactly the same place, it can’t stay frozen in amber. There’s too many people, and times change and experiences change…There’s an amazing collection of talent there and the foundation of supporting filmmakers’ visions that is kind of, the secret sauce to Pixar’s enduring, continuing success. So I think there is a very bright future for Pixar.

Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles, Incredibles 2, and Ratatouille

Incredibles 2 Nominated for Golden Globe Award:

And the nominations keep rolling in! Incredibles 2 has picked up a Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Motion Picture! 🎈

Incredibles 2 scores 11 Annie Award nominations!:

Congratulations to the Incredibles 2 crew! 




Our favorite things from the Incredibles 2 home release:

What did we love about the Incredibles 2 digital and Blu Ray? Quite a lot! Lots of really cool, informative, touching special features that we’re gonna watch again and again.

Have a read of our latest post to learn more about the commentary, deleted scenes, and even some hidden Easter Eggs.

The Incredibles vs Incredibles 2

Woody’s Round Up 11/6/18:

Here are some little pieces of Pixar news you may have missed, featuring an interview with the director of Auntie Edna (which is out on DVD today!). 

And – The Pixar Story (2007) is coming to Netflix on November 18th…

Your first look at Auntie Edna!:

Have a look at the newly released clips of the Incredibles 2 short Auntie Edna!