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Unexpected rant

How fucking salty are people.

Kicking off about how pixar held a pride event, saying its “insulting to the LGBTQ+ comunity”

There’s no pleasing some people. Pixar is very close to my heart, as im sure it is to others here too. But as being part of the LGBT community I DO NOT find this offensive in anyway shape or form. I think its a step forward, in hopes that major animators will soon bring in characters who are also part of the community! As im sure they will. One comment that stands out to me is: “Now i hate pixar.” Hating a popular/well off company is stupid, pixar has brought so many amazing movies and shorts, all that could have changed someones life. And saying you now hate the company is fucking idiotic! So what they are really saying is; “i hate a company for suporting gay rights and everying of the sorts.” Putting it like that sounds worse, but it’s the truth.

People who dont support the community can fuck off, its 2018 deal with it. Or get stuffed.