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I sort of had to take time away from tumblr. But now im back swinging!!

Hope you’re ready for spam of me playing the new cars 3 game !

Smol Jackson, gonna try and get back into the swing of posting. I swear!


looks who’s posting and not being a lazy Brit – this gal

Angie Keilhauer –  Born to Drive   

i do recommend listening to this song, such a badass twist  on county, plus its such a Cruz song x

Part of the next generation of racers 

meet or beat, whatever, he’s still a sour patch storm

Cruz: Happy thanksgiving!

Jackson: …

Cruz: you’re supposed  to say happy thanksgiving back

Jackson: Happy thanksgiving back.

Trying to get the hang of digital stuff, so here. Have a lemon, she wiggles, makes McQueen proud and makes Jackson Angry. What’s not to love?

Collection of Car drawings, including: McQueen, Storm, Sally and Lewis. I’ve been thinking, about now taking commissions (through ko-fi ) which should be cool

                                              Train like Storm