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You Are The Cutest.

By @reyarturo4


Judy Hopps – Zootopia (2016)

Art by @milesdf

Sweet Kisses

Nick : Hey Carrots?

Judy : Yeah?

Nick : Can I have a kiss?

Judy : *giggles* How am I suppose to do that with a pawpsicle in your mouth?

Nick : Hmmm. *proceeds to take it out* How about now? *smirks*

Judy : Much better. *kisses him*

Art by @andyourteeth 

Dialogue inspired by the same artist.

Show Off

Judy : So, *smirks* what do you think of my choice of lingerie slick?

Nick : Absolutely stunning babe. Almost a shame actually.

Judy : Oh yeah? Why’s that?

Nick : Well, *smiles* most of it is going to end up on our bedroom floor tonight.

Judy : Oooohh Nicky… *purrs*

Art by @akiric

Damn She’s Fine

Judy Hopps – Zootopia (2016)

Art by @deanart


A short comic thing I did as practice, hopefully when I do an actual smut comic it’ll look better than this. 😋🙂



    The heat was the first thing he noticed. The mind of the sleeping fox was slowly, gently, and pleasantly draw into the waking world by a slick heat wrapped snuggly around the length of his arousal; arousal that he was only aware of at first because of the increasing ache of need, the growing throb of pleasure as that heat moved up. The chill of the morning air on his now wet cock was not welcomed and he stirred, rolling his head against the pillow with a mild grunt of annoyance that quickly turned into a growl of pleasure when the warmth returned. Returned slowly, at a pace that made his hips arch slightly when every inch of him was sheathed in bliss again.

    Next, he became aware of the scent. Sweetly familiar, wanted, savored as he drew in a deep breath of the musk of it mingled with his own smell. The musk of desire, feminine lust, exertion. Sex. Her scent, his mind already knew, even before he could form a coherent thought to identify the owner by name. Sugarcoated earth, feminine need, prey. It excited all sort of instincts in him, not the least of which was a hunger to taste the source. His muzzle opened before his eyes could even consider it, the pink muscle of his tongue sliding over his lips as his mouth moistened in need to taste. His parted lips were met with the gentle touch of silky fingertips. Fingertips that caused the scent of her lust to saturate his next breath and tease his taste buds as he licked the delicious flavor from her fur with a swipe of his tongue.

    That taste, which he eagerly lapped at with quick strokes of his tongue, was what finally started to drag his mind into wakefulness that his body had already started to enjoy. The dark gave way to soft gray, white, and soft blue light, only to have his vision blur for just a moment when he felt the slow roll and squeeze of his mate around his cock. Paws snapped up, long fingers easily finding and gripping hips that were already rising and falling with enough urgency to tell him that she was about to cum. Awake but finding it impossible to focus on anything but the bunny riding him with a look of bliss sketched on her face, instinct drove him to help her along. Using his paws, which were under the baby-blue nightshirt that she hadn’t bothered to take off, he quickened and strengthened her pace. The muffled beat of furred hips against furred hips, breathy whimpers of pleasure, and low growls that rolled through his chest were the first real sounds to reach his waking mind. The delightful music of need and passion combined with the far more wantonly sexual sounds of a very wet bunny pussy humping him with only one goal in mind now. A goal that she was seconds from reaching, though he knew he wouldn’t be joining her just yet.

    As expected, as he now wanted, she rose with an arch to her back as he felt her trembling form begin to shake. Her ears dropped behind her, that adorably beautiful face scrunching in strained pleasure that almost looked painful as her fingers gripped the fur of his belly. He let her grind herself into him as she came, feeling the slick heat squeeze and pulse around what was already a tightly hugged length of crimson. Her voice finally came out in more than a whimper as she reached the peak of her pleasure. Not words. Not even intelligible attempt at communication. Just a raw and primal shrieking cry that had him throbbing thickly inside of her, resisting the urge to swell and finish what he had only moments ago realized what was happening. Making love before the sun had even risen was a delightfully slow process sometimes and he certainly didn’t mind her taking what she wanted to wake him up.

    Of course, now that he was awake, it was time for him to take what he wanted.

    Perhaps he could have allowed her time to come down from her orgasm, but where was the fun in that when she felt so deliciously needy? Her rippling folds begging him to move, to let his knot fill her as she continued to roll her hips. So, he did.

    She released a sharp cry of surprise when his grip on her hips tightened and he rolled her onto the bed. Wide lavender eyes, still cloudy and full of need, rose to him when he came up on his knees between her legs. Those eyes dropped and focused for a moment on the wet canine arousal that throbbed so hard it bounced up to slap against his belly. He almost wanted to give her a little time to admire the view, which she clearly was when her tongue ran over her lips once slowly. But she yelped when he gripped her legs suddenly, raising them up as he leaned over her. She was a flexible bunny, so she didn’t complain in the slightest when he shoved them back until her feet were almost above her shoulders. Instead, he felt one of her paws slide between them to grip the pulsing flesh of his arousal, guiding him until he felt the tip nudge the welcoming warmth of her sex again. Still unsated need driving him, he didn’t hesitate or take the time to be gentle as he bucked his hips forward, bearing down with his paws locked behind her knees until her legs were pressed to her chest. This was all done as he drove his full length into her, not stopping until matted fur met matted fur with a wet slap.

    Maybe because she had never been given time to enter the afterglow period after her orgasm, her cry was one of delighted surprise and almost painful pleasure. Slow and easy morning sex became raw and impassioned fucking as he took her. Lean hips drew back only to slam into her again as the primitive part of his mind decided that the pace couldn’t possibly be anything less than hard, fast, and deep. And with the angle of her legs, the rise of her hips as he kept them pinned, he was deep. He could feel the snug fit all the way up to his sheath, savored the way she squeezed and rippled around him every time his slowly swelling knot slipped past the lips of her pussy. And because of this, they both seemed to know that it wasn’t meant to last much longer. Her cry was sharp and pained and beautifully hungry when his half-swollen knot slipped into her and stayed this time, the pleasure of thickening inside the welcoming squeeze of her body a relief that he couldn’t deny any longer. He pumped himself into the vice-like heat of her, his muzzle drawn back to show his teeth as the intense pleasure of fully knotting her nearly blinded him.

    “N-nick! Nick, please!” she cried, those cries reaching him and compelling him to open his eyes. Looking down at the bliss ridden face of his mate and wife as her tiny paws gripped his arms. Not to stop him, because he couldn’t remember a time when she was the one who had had enough between the two of them. She encouraged him, her eyes all but blazing with need as she gave strained against the weight of his thrusts to give little humps of her hips to meet him. “Cum in me, Nick. I need… I need… Nnnfh!”

    If there had been anything to come after that, it was last on his shoulder when she buried her face there and bit into his fur to muffle herself as she came again. And what had been a vice tight heat became a euphoric release for him. She came hard, harder than last time. So hard that she almost managed to shove his mass away when her legs tried to buck up against him. It was the perfect storm of need, love, passion and basic animal lust. And it drove him over the edge. He was fairly sure his eyes rolled up as a throaty growl escaped him, followed by a yip and a shout of her name when he throbbed. Pulsing once, twice, and a third time before the first eruption of cum flooded her eager body. A small part of his mind was surprised when it caused her to climax for the third time, a fresh wave of scent and sucking ripples doing their best to drive him mad as he continued to fuck his mate through the first few moments of climax.

    Lusty pants in desperate need for oxygen and light groans of pleasure were the most obvious sounds in the room for the next few minutes, coupled with the light grunts from her as he continued to grind his length into her. Not that she complained seemed eager for him to be free of him. Her body welcomed him as he continued to pump rope after rope of his seed into her, her paws sliding down the side of his neck to draw his muzzle down to her ears. Nuzzling the top of her head, the soft nibbles and warm breath treated her sensitive ears to caused her to moan softly.

    “Maybe we should have breakfast before round two,” he mumbled, lowering his voice to a light hum as he ran his lips up the rim of one ear slowly. Her moan became a whimper, followed by a laugh when she shoved his muzzle away playfully.

    “Shower, then breakfast,” she confirmed lightly, lying back with her eyes meeting his when he drew back with a grin plastered on his muzzle. “Then maybe round two.”

    “It’s your turn to cook,” he reminded her, green eyes glancing at the clock on the side table. Once he saw that it was only 6:00 am, he allowed his muzzle to plop into the pillow above her as she nuzzled the side of his throat. “I cooked last year.”

    “Hm, you did,” she confirmed, dragging her lips to the underside of his muzzle until he raised it again. “Anniversary waffles. Might be the only time you didn’t burn them. I asked the chief for the day off, which he was happy to give.”

    “Oh?” The news was welcome, his tail swishing behind him quickly for a moment before he raised himself up a bit to allow her to lower her legs. Legs that she carefully wrapped around his hips as he continued to throb inside of her. “He must know that I would spend the day trying to seduce you anyway. Trying to tempt you into the back of the cruiser, uniform pants down around your knees, my cock between your buns as I nudge up behind you. I’d have to muffle you, most likely. You are very vocal.”

    “Says the fox who yips every time he cums?” she teased back, though her eyes had darkened a bit as the mental image he had put into her mind started to settle. Which caused her to do the opposite, even though the afterglow had officially begun.

    “After breakfast, Carrots,” he chuckled, knowing that getting her stirred up would keep them stuck in the bed for another round if she had a mind to. “I am only a mortal fox, after all.”

    “Fiiiine,” she said, drawing the word out before he felt her grin against the underside of his muzzle. “Once we’re untied, I’ll shower first while you clear up here. Then while you shower, I’ll start breakfast.”

    While it had been tempting to join her in the shower, or failing that drag her into the shower to join him for his, he managed to keep his paws to himself after she promised him chicken strips and pancakes. She had clearly been planning this anniversary morning and was spoiling his tail off. A fact that had his tail swishing behind him when he stepped out of the bedroom, into the succulent scent of cooking poultry, wearing nothing but jeans on his still slightly damp body. Grinning from ear to ear as he made his way into the kitchen, eager for the rare treat of her cooking real meat, he noticed that the plates of food were already on the table, steaming hot and delightfully fragrant. It was enough to make his stomach growl a bit when he turned into the kitchen, only to have the image of her strike him as far more appetizing.

    It was an old cliché in relationships that someone would be in the kitchen, cooking with nothing on but an apron. But there was a reason cliché events were cliché, to begin with. The incredibly sexy gray bunny looked far too appealing in nothing more than the sunflower-yellow apron, her bare back and beautiful ass facing him. The twitch of her tail and light quiver of her ears told him that she had heard him enter, and she made a point to sway her hips just a bit more than was need as she made her way to the refrigerator. Opening it, she bent down at the waist with her legs pressed together, putting the white fur that curved between her thighs and up the cleft of her rear on display for a moment before she stood with the carton of orange juice. Then she turned to him, a smile on her muzzle as she made her way towards the dining room table.

    “Breakfast is ready, Slick,” she said, stopping in her tracks when his paw darted out to take the box of juice from her.

    He set the carton on the counter, leaning over to place a softly lingering kiss on her lips. Affectionate, warm, and leaving her humming slightly when he pulled away and headed to the table. He saw that she was about to join him when, instead of sitting, he took both plates in his paws and carried them to the counter. Then repeated the process with the glasses she had set, the knives and forks, the napkins. It was all very neat and organized, a process which she watched with a raised eyebrow and a small smile on her face. Once the only thing left on the table was the table clothing, he crooked a finger to her, beckoning her closer as his other paw easily unbuttoned his jeans. He saw her gaze flick down that paw, her tongue sliding out over her lips once slowly as she came to his call.

    Her scent reached him, already thick with excitement as she stopped no more than a foot away from him. The deep, heady scent of feminine need that caused his nostrils to flare. He reached up to caress her cheek lightly as he breathed it in, drinking in the pleasure on her face when she tilted her head into the touch for a moment. Her eyes widened when he growled low in his throat, his claws raking through her fur as that paw slipped behind her head so he could turn her, push her. The fox savored the way her scent spiked sharply when he shoved her chest first into the table without a word, his jeans kicked aside as he brought himself up behind her prone form. Standing on his paw pads so his hips were even with the edge of the table, he savored the view, the paw at the back of her neck keeping her pinned as he drank in the sight of her.

    She squirmed perfectly. Not a squirm of fear or resistance. One of hopeless need that had her ass clenching and a whimper escaping her throat when he nudges his hips forward to slide the length of his cock between those round cheeks a few times. The soft, thrilling caress of her furred flesh squeezing around the aching length of crimson had his breath escaping him in a shuddering sigh. She said nothing, only breathed in deeply before whimpering a little when he drew back so that the tapered tip grazed the already need slickened folds of her sex. Green eyes watched her with an almost savage delight as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as if to speak. Maybe to beg him to take her. Whatever she had intended to say, he silenced when he drove himself into her in a single thrust that was hard enough to cause the table to lurch forward. Because he knew that the sound that escaped her was one of pure, blissful torment, he didn’t allow either of them time for a breath before he pulled back all the way to the tip and bucked forward again.

    It wasn’t meant to be sweet and romantic. This was a rut. He wasn’t making love to her so much as he was breeding his mate, claiming her as his with as much delight as she offered herself. He kept her pinned to the table with one paw as he fucked her, his possessive warning snarl low when she moved. But she only moved her arms, reaching forward with both paws stretched over her head to grip the opposite edge of the table, bracing herself. It only quickened his pace, to see the way she stretched that toned, softly furred body under him for his pleasure. He drank it all in. The twitch of her tail when it hiked up and quivered every time he withdrew, the cries of blissful abandon that escaped her every time he filled her incredibly tight sex, the groans that she released as the pleasure of her body caused him to throb thickly inside of her. The wet slap of his sac against her clit with each deep thrust quickened as he released the back of her neck and leaned over her, both paws placed on the table top as he worked his hips with shorter, more urgent thrusts. He felt her shiver and tighten, his breath huffing into the back of her neck as the urgency grew quickly into a need to pump her full of his seed. The predator’s teeth grazing through her fur as he began to grunt with every impact of his hips against her plush rear.

    Impacts that came more quickly suddenly, as this time he did nothing to delay his need to knot his bunny. He swelled inside of her, the bulb of flesh thickening quickly as the heat of her pussy squeezed down around him almost viciously at the same moment. When her orgasm took her, it was with a scream of his name and a look of utter bliss as his now trapped cock throbbed thickly in response. Claws raked the table top helplessly as he slammed himself into her, his hips pinned against hers as he erupted. The hot jets of cum flooding her was a relief to him, and a trigger for her as she very nearly whined in pleasure and trembled jerkily with every spasm of her folds.

    The sound of the two lovers panting was only interrupted by little gasps and moans when aftershocks caused her to tighten around him every few seconds. Aftershocks that came and went with the more productive spurts he gave her, surrounding him in the sensation of constantly being sucked into the perfectly tight little female under him. Feeling his legs tremble, only partly because he had been standing on his paw pads longer than was normal, he gripped her hips and dragged her with him as he plopped into a chair. She was limp in his lap as he wrapped her up and held her close, causing a breathless chuckle to escape him.

    “Breakfast was great,” he quipped, nuzzling the tip of her head and nipping at her ears softly. “Can’t wait for lunch.”

    “Hm,” she drawled, still breathless and weak. There was a note of pride in the fact that he could sometimes fuck even this bunny silly. “Have reservations for lunch. Same restaurant we went to on our first date.”

    “Oh,” he replied, drawing the sound out with a grin when she finally managed to lift her head enough to look at him. “Will you wear the same peel away number you wore back then?”

    “Will you promise to take me like this again if I do?” she shot back, a lazy grin crawling up her muzzle as she stroked his arm. He glanced down as she did, enjoying the play of light against the ring on her finger as she did so.

    “If I make that promise, you might wear it every day,” he commented, then after a moment of consideration, they both grinned at each other wickedly. “Breakfast first.”

    “You said that last time. But, deal,” she chirped happily, snuggling in as he carried her to the counter to retrieve the plates.


Another commission finished finally. Catching up, hopefully, in the near future. This one for PeterLam, in his request to have a married Nick and Judy being intimate.

Art by TheWyvernsWeaver

Story by Kulkum

This is also a follow up (same timeline) to a previous commission, which can be found here: Unwrapped

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Consider this an early (and smutty) Valentine’s Day Special. This is NOT the Valentine’s Day Special TheWyvernsWeaver and I are still working on. It was a spur of the moment inspiration. Enjoy!

Art: TheWyvernsWeaver

Story: Me (My DA will be up in two days, at which point I will start linking to it again)



She whispered it, having trouble catching her breath when his teeth grazed the back of her neck and his paws – those deliciously large paws – gripped her hips firmly to pull her butt up. Adjusting her. The weight of him mounting her forcing her to press her chest into the still cool sheets, to turn her face to the side so quickening breaths could soak in the masculine musk of him. A musk that thickened in the air around her, mingling with her own feminine scent as she felt the tip of crimson arousal nestle against the wet mouth of her sex.

He had surprised her. Gone were her plans for a long, hot shower after a hard day on the job. Plans that had changed the moment she had seen him leaning against the wall outside of the apartment with fire in his eyes that she now understood was lust. His murmurs of need had filled her ears and heated her fur as he’d nibbled on her neck. She hadn’t even managed to open the door before dragging half of her uniform off, tossing it carelessly on the floor of the apartment before he had lifted her up by the hips and dragged her into bed. For all of his fun-loving nature, all of his jokes and sarcasm and lighthearted banter, Nick was a predator between the sheets. And she was his happily captured prey.

She found herself using those sheets to muffle her cry when he drove his full length into her, taking her ability to think and replacing it with the intense pleasure of stretching to accept him. It didn’t matter how many times they did this, he always felt so wonderfully huge inside of her. Throbbing and hot and so intense that she almost came just from that single thrust that only ended when his hips smacked into hers. His growl sounded and she was faintly aware of his changing positions slightly. His paws gripping the sheets on either side of her, feet bracing into the mattress, and his teeth latching into the loose skin at the back of her neck. Her eyes wanted to roll back in ecstasy when he withdrew and slammed into her again, making the bed creak in protest once before it slammed into the wall with the second thrust.


This time her voice had strength behind it, passion fueling her for that one gasped word that wasn’t a plea and wasn’t a demand. It was simply a release of her need, a need that he filled as the pace quickened. It didn’t matter if it was over quickly, not this time. She could already feel the burning tingle of pleasure pooling between her legs and the thickening at the base of his length, signaling to them both that there was no point in holding back. The pang of disappointment when he released the back of her neck was short lived when she felt him rise up behind her. The shadow of the fox fell on the stuffed toys that bore witness to their lovemaking just as she bit down on the sheets in front of her hard enough to make her teeth ache. Not that she noticed. Not that she cared when she felt the pulsing arousal of her lover swell inside of her, thickening until she felt that tiny moment of panic she always did. How they fit together was beyond her, and she was beyond caring when the blessed tension of orgasm caused her to seize up under him.

When she could think again, able to feel something more than pleasure and fullness as he joined her climax and pumped her full of his own release, her eyes drifted lazily to his paw as it moved to cover her own. The glint of gold made her smile, warmed her almost as much as the length still slowly pulsing where their bodies joined.

“I thought we were going to dinner,” she muttered, eyes drifting closed as she savored the intimacy of the afterglow.

“We are,” he replied, drawing her against him as he rolled them onto their sides. He angled his muzzle down so his nose could rest between her ears. “I couldn’t wait. I have this incredibly sexy wife who torments me in a tight blue uniform all day.”

“Does this mean we can’t make love again after dinner?” she said, her muzzle turned into a pout that had his teeth flashing in a wide grin. “I really want that.”

“It’s Valentine’s day. And my partner can have whatever she wants.”

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps – Zootopia (2016)

Just some WildeHopps sketches from @thebootydoc.

They look incredible.

Sexy Bunny.

Judy Hopps – Zootopia (2016)