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Lee Unkrich says goodbye after 25 years:

Pixar is undergoing a lot of changes – many of them positive, others a bit more bittersweet. Lee Unkrich’s departure from the studio after 25 years of brilliant and inspiring storytelling falls into the second category.

At the backstage Q&A for Coco, producer Darla K Anderson and directors Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina addressed the current John Lasseter situation, explaining their hopes for creating a safer environment with integrity, and making Pixar a better place for people to create art.

Coco’s Morelia Film Festival Premiere:

The reviews are in after Coco’s premiere at the Morelia Film Festival!

“That was the biggest thing: people were just so proud, they expressed to us that we had gotten it right, that we had made a respectful, accurate job.”

Lee Unkrich, director

This movie – you want it to all be rooted in actual places and actual people. So it was really important to us to see kind of the breath of Mexico and how many different cultures and traditions there are.

Lee Unkrich, director of Coco

“Crafting Coco” Featurette