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Trying to get the hang of digital stuff, so here. Have a lemon, she wiggles, makes McQueen proud and makes Jackson Angry. What’s not to love?

Got back into drawing cars, so obviously; I drew Cruz ♡ and i have made a ko-fi, it was originally made to help fund any cosplay events or equipment, just till I get a job and finish college. But now I’m thinking about; maybe doing commissions, if anyone is interested:
£3 Will be the minimum, until further notice, hope people will continue to support my expensive lifestyle xx ♡

First time drawing McQueen, a smug McQueen from the first film.

Collection of all the drawings I’ve done of Toni Calvetti (my car oc) I can already tell how much I’ve improved, just with small little changes on each drawing. All though is still work with a reference I’m not too mad at them! xx

                                              Sketch Vs Finished 

Have more of my little Ferrari Toni Calvetti, i’m still trying to find time to work out a bit of a background for her, but i do have a few bits. So if anyone is interested in finding out a bit about her, i’ll happily tell xx 

Also im thinking about making a youtube, it i’ll be mix of things, like Cosplay, Games and art, once i get set up, would anyone sub? x

Program Used: Clip Studio Paint