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                                             I like a challenge

guess who’s back in the edit mode – just like i said yesterday … this gal



looks who’s posting and not being a lazy Brit – this gal

Angie Keilhauer –  Born to Drive   

i do recommend listening to this song, such a badass twist  on county, plus its such a Cruz song x

meet or beat, whatever, he’s still a sour patch storm

I call you, my senior project

                                                  CARS 3 ALBUM 

                                                          PART 1.

finally got my copy of cars 3, so obvs watched it today, and no cars trip is the same without playing the album. Not to mention its Owen Wllson’s birthday, what a true lad! 

Q: Whats you favorite song? 

A: im stuck between 3. Run that Race, Ride and Glory days x

How did we get here?
When I used to know you so well

– Decode Paramore

These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge.

– 100% making this my phone wallpaper and well as make a few more too, if anyone has requests for phone wallpapers i can get them done x

I’m a fluffy cloud 

– a huge thank you for 250+ followers, i never expected one. I love you all so much xx