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Huge congrats to the entire Pixar Coco team on the Best Animated Feature Oscar win! ¡Felicitaciones!

Coco deleted scene: Celebrity tour:

Coco will be available on Bluray on February 27th – here’s one of the many deleted scenes and extras that we’re going to be treated to!

Coco takes center stage at the 2018 Annie Awards:

Coco won 11 trophies at last night’s Annie Awards ceremony, including Best Animated Feature, Best Voice Acting (Anthony Gonzalez as Miguel), Best Directing and Best Soundtrack. The full list of Coco’s winning categories are in our article!

Coco and the Importance of Death:

“Pixar isn’t afraid to tackle death and loss in their films; it’s a prevalent theme in almost every story and even an obstacle that so many of their beloved characters need to tackle to move on and grow.”

Coco came into my life at just the right time:

Isn’t it weird how Pixar movies always seem to come into your life at ‘just the right time’? Coco, among many others, did for me, and I wrote down my thoughts about it. 

Let us know your stories! 

The Matriarchs of Coco and Why They Matter:

“The history of the Rivera family is a song of women – proud, strong, and inspirational.

Coco – digital and Blu-ray release dates revealed:

Coco will be available digitally on February 13th, and on Blu-ray on February 27th!

Coco picks up a BAFTA nomination:

Coco is among the nominees for Best Animated Film at the 2018 BAFTAs! It’s up against My Life as a Courgette and Loving Vincent.

The BAFTAs award ceremony will take place on February 18th. Do you have any predictions? 

At the backstage Q&A for Coco, producer Darla K Anderson and directors Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina addressed the current John Lasseter situation, explaining their hopes for creating a safer environment with integrity, and making Pixar a better place for people to create art.

Coco wins Best Animated Feature at the Golden Globes!:

Congratulations to the whole Coco crew at Pixar for winning Best Animated Feature at the Golden Globes!