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I call you, my senior project

                                                  CARS 3 ALBUM 

                                                          PART 1.

finally got my copy of cars 3, so obvs watched it today, and no cars trip is the same without playing the album. Not to mention its Owen Wllson’s birthday, what a true lad! 

Q: Whats you favorite song? 

A: im stuck between 3. Run that Race, Ride and Glory days x

                                                   THE ROOKIE

– Throwback to the first cars film 

                                       Trying Something New

Cars 3 Credits 

The racing is the reward, not the stuff!

– Lightning McQueen

Colour palette – Cruz Ramirez, Florida 500

she’s not just a TRAINER, she’s a RACER

You are about to become the biggest brand in racing.

– Sterling

Redraw of my first design I created for Lightning at the beginning of this year! Talk about improvement.