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A few lads in my course are playing music from marvel movies, like Guardians of the galaxy. And “ain’t no mountain high enough” started playing, and I instantly thought, hey; I can just picture Sally and Lightning doing the duet. (Maybe after a few drinks at flo’s or even a radiator springs karaoke night). I can picture it perfectly, smh

Falling in love. All over again

Best for everyone, or best for you?

– Sally 

Practicing Story boarding with some Salqueen feels using my human au designs. :,) (Pose ref credit to one of those draw the squad comics)

Collab with Mar!! I did the sketch/lineart for lightning, and colored sally! Mar did Sally’s sketch/lineart and colored lightning. I had a lot of fun!!! PROUD OF US. @cruztela

The SalQueen kiss we should’ve gotten. WHERE WAS IT PIXAR? Not even a peck on the cheek. IM SO HAPPY WITH HOW THIS CAME OUT LIKE, WHERE DID THIS COME FROM. Human designs by @whyldkratts the designs are AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM