Category: toy photography

“Calling Buzz Lightyear. Come in, Buzz Lightyear! This is Star Command! There seems to be a cowboy in your spaceship…”

I imagine this is what ads for the Woody’s Roundup collection would have looked like in the 50’s! Would you buy 3 boxes of Cowboy Crunchies for Woody? Jessie? Bullseye?

Life is like a puzzle. It may look challenging now, but you’ll eventually get the pieces to come together.

The coolest toys. (Pun intended)

That moment when you’re about to say something dumb and Headquarters takes over. 🤭

The toys visit Molly’s room.

On this day in 1986, Pixar Animation Studios was founded. Can’t begin to imagine life without Pixar’s magic. It continues to inspire me daily. Happy 32nd anniversary, Pixar!

Sid Phillips. Once a toy torturer, now a garbage man.

Here’s a look at my Pixar home office space.

The many faces of Woody.