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In Celebration of the Fantastic and the Mundane: 10 Years of Up:

“When you reach adulthood, and sometimes even before, you’re resigned to the mundane. You put away childish things, you stop reading fairy tales, you get settled into the same old routines. But Up tells us to embrace the mundane; the small, simple joys that break up monotony. I think we’ve all just got to make room for adventures both big and small.”

Pixar Heroines: Is Ellie Fredricksen The Most Important Character In Up?

Up turns 10 today, and we’re celebrating by delving into why we love Ellie Fredricksen so much. An adventurer at heart with a strength of character that makes you fall in love with her even though she’s only physically in the movie for about 10 minutes. She may only appear at the beginning of the film, but her presence is felt throughout the whole thing.

10 Years Later Up’s Opening Sequence Still Packs An Emotional Punch

The Cast Of Up 10 Years On – Where Are They Now?

Have you ever wondered what Carl, Russell, Dug, and Kevin might have gotten up to following the events of the film? Here are our optimistic predictions! #Up10th